STILL.the nature

a growing exhibition

A growing exhibition

In the search for silence, the possibilities are endless. A retreat in a cabin in a meadow, a visit to an ashram in India, or the simplicity of a brisk walk. Pass a burbling stream, chirping birds, wild flowers, and green leaves.

Lieke Benders opened STILL.the lab at the Wittem monastery in January 2017. Here she will spend four years working with other artists to create theatrical expressions that highlight silence in all its many forms. In 2017, the relationship between nature and silence took centre stage.

A selection of the growing series of performances, installations, images, and texts was on display during the STILL.the exhibition, a theatrical museum hall that was first presented during Cultura Nova in Heerlen from 18 to 27 August 2017.

Lieke Benders will work with several sub-themes until 2020. A new museum hall will be created each year. Together, they will ultimately form the travelling exhibition Museum Stillness, which can be seen in the Netherlands and Flanders in 2020.


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STILL.the pavilion

Two life-sized bell glasses will draw your attention and force you to stop what you’re doing. They could be located in the city centre or tucked away in a garden. One bell glass contains a still life of an immortalized winter scene. The other is for you to sit under. Put on the headphones and prepare for a journey.

STILL.the tour

The town square has a special bus stop. Here, you can hop on a bus to a destination unknown. This trip is all about the journey, not the destination. We will take an authentic coach through the narrowest part of Limburg and discover fascinating stories from Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium. STILL.the tour will show you that the most unassuming places can be the most remarkable of all.

STILL.the exhibition

STILL.the exhibition is a theatrical museum hall where you can admire nature and experience silence. This exhibition is about the romanticization of rest and tranquillity and man’s valiant attempt to capture silence. In STILL.the exhibition, allow the romance of nature and its apparent silence sweep over you. Discover that silence has a way of making the invisible visible.


STILL.the suite (closed)

A very special experience awaits you at the Wittem monastery: an overnight stay at the STILL.the suite, sleeping under a fragrant roof of leaves and waking to the sound of birds tweeting in the morning.

STILL.the walk

STILL.the walk will lead you over the beautiful hills of Limburg. Walk the route in silence or not. The walk will surely inspire you to stop and think about things you never considered before. Take the map at Klooster Wittem or download it below.

STILL.the meeting

During her research, Lieke Benders gets to know people with unique professions and interesting stories. She invites you to share in her discoveries at unique locations.

The artists of STILL.the nature


Lieke Benders


Saskia de Haas
regie-assistentie en tekst


Peter Anthonissen


Jolle Roelofs


Jibbe Willems


Maartje Austen


Udo Thijssen


De Nieuwe Collectie


Mike Kramer

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In colaboration with Connie de Jong, Remko Romers, John Nelissen, Maurice Bouten, Udo Thijssen, Mike Kramer, Jolle Roelofs, Romy Finke, Tobias Duysens, Sander Salden, Saskia de Haas, Jibbe Willems and many others. A partnership with Stilte Ned.werk. Special thanks goes to Missiemuseum Steyl.