GO TO PERFORMANCES "Hoge Fronten creates performances on location and in theatres for people of all ages." ABOUT HOGE FRONTEN "Led by dramatist Lieke Benders, Hoge Fronten develops theatre programmes with a personal approach and a deliberately soft touch." GO TO OUR ONLINE SILENCE LAB "As part of the STILL. project, Benders will spend four years focusing on a single theme: stillness." GO TO PERFORMANCES "Her work straddles the boundaries between visual art and theatre, theatre and everyday life, and traditional and modern forms of theatre."
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STILL.performances in Croatia

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Museum of Stillness

Hoge Fronten Team 2018

About Hoge Fronten

The old AINSI cement factory in Maastricht serves as the creative base from which Hoge Fronten – led by dramatist Lieke Benders – creates theatrical programmes that put a southern Dutch twist on universal themes and presents them on the national and international stage.