a virtual live performance

a Centriphery production in coproduction with Festival Cultura Nova and Rijeka 2020


A virtual live performance
A Centriphery production in coproduction with Festival Cultura Nova and Rijeka 2020

In April 2020, Hoge Fronten was scheduled to present a series of performances in Mrkopalj, Croatia, with the title ‘Mrkopalj, the best place ever’ in coproduction with Festival Cultura Nova.  The performances were developed for Rijeka 2020, European Capital of Culture as part of the international collaboration Centriphery.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, performances cannot be held on the scheduled dates.

Hoge Fronten has therefore decided to present a virtual performance which is accessible to both Croatian and Dutch audiences. Please note: the performance is in English.

The little village of Mrkopalj is situated in a valley in the mountains of Croatia and consists of only a few streets. The village lives off winter sports tourism, but the snow does not come, and therefore the tourists have also stayed away. We will take you along with us, as a tourist, and offer you a different view of Mrkopalj, away from the slopes. Look around, join us on a walk, and listen to the sounds and stories we collected. Find out why Mrkopalj is ‘the best place ever’.

At the start of the performance the artists of Hoge Fronten will be awaiting you in a virtual space at 8:00 PM. After the introduction you will walk through the village like a tourist, in a 360-degree video, accompanied by local stories and sounds. After the tour you will meet the inhabitants of Mrkopalj live.

Reserve your virtual seat by sending an email to
A maximum of 85 ‘seats’ applies.
You will receive an e-mail with further instructions on the day of the performance.

STILL.Mrkopalj is a Centriphery production and is part of the series of performances with the title ‘Mrkopalj, the best place ever’, developed by Hoge Fronten for Rijeka 2020, in co-production with Festival Cultura Nova. Look here for more information about ‘Mrkopalj, the best place ever’.



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Watch the 360-degree video here and imagine yourself as a tourist in Mrkopalj, Croatia. When you move your cursor over the video, or move your smartphone or tablet while watching the video, you can look around in the video.

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The artists of STILL.Mrkopalj

Hoge Fronten Lieke

Lieke Benders

Hoge Fronten Cultura Nova - Heerlen

Saskia de Haas

Hoge Fronten Cultura Nova - Heerlen

Jolle Roelofs
sound design

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Rijeka 2020
European Capital of Culture

Centriphery is an European project funded under the Creative Europe framework by the European Union. 


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