This online silence lab aims to collect different outlooks on silence at the initiative of dramatist Lieke Benders. There is something to interest people with a dislike of quiet carriages on trains, yoga masters, and those who like to make noise. Together, they are constructing a huge silence database.

Read, see, and listen to the experiences of silence of others, (Dutch) and share your own experiences in images, sounds, or words (mail to: publiciteit@hogefronten.nl


This online silence lab was inspired by the real silence lab created by Hoge Fronten/Lieke Benders at the monastery in Wittem as part of the long-term project STILL. It is here that Lieke Benders and others create a growing series of performances, installations, and happenings with silence as the theme. Their work will be on display at various locations throughout the Netherlands and Flanders.

STILL. is supported by Provincie Limburg, Gemeente Maastricht, Klooster Wittem, BankGiro Loterij Fonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Limburg, Cultura Nova, Fonds Podiumkunsten and C-TAKT.