Hoge Fronten works for and with their audience

They encourage personal contact and interaction between the makers and the audience by organizing a broad range of public activities around the performance that aims to strengthen the bond between the audience and the relevant themes.

Hoge Fronten network

Are you a loyal fan of Hoge Fronten? Are you interested in the work of Lieke Benders and her colleagues? Do you want to contribute to the work of Hoge Fronten? If so, join the Hoge Fronten network! For more information, send an e-mail to publiciteit@hogefronten.nl.


For its family shows, Hoge Fronten develops additional materials and activities for home, at school, and before and after the show to help young and old alike become more immersed in the experience. Discover our memory machine in the lobby before the Niet Vergeten performance or participate in an introductory workshop, which will be held at various theatres. You can also check out the  ‘niet vergeten’ app, which is suitable for smartboards.

Teaching materials (in Dutch) can be downloaded at the bottom of the performance page for ‘niet vergeten’, ‘niet wiet, wel nel’ and ‘Rotgod’.